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Shipping costs overview

For items where the price is on request, please always inquire about shipping costs in advance.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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The weight of the goods is calculated from the mass. This does not correspond to the actual weight of the goods, as some of the articles are very large in terms of mass.

The volume weight is defined according to the following formula as:

(Length x height x width - each in cm) / divisor = volume weight in kg

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You have the following payment options:

- Prepayment by bank transfer / cash payment / PayPal

to show shipping costs, please choose the country you want the order to be shipped.

Self pickup

Self pickup

Calculation Total price
from 0,00 to 10.000,00 KG 0,00 EUR
from 10.000,00 KG - No Shipping -


 Shipping only Germany

Calculation Total price
from 0,00 to 2,00 KG 7,90 EUR
from 2,00 to 5,00 KG 9,90 EUR
from 5,00 to 10,00 KG 16,90 EUR
from 10,00 to 20,00 KG 21,90 EUR
from 20,00 to 30,00 KG 26,95 EUR
from 30,00 to 40,00 KG 34,90 EUR
from 50,00 to 100,00 KG 150,00 EUR
from 100,00 to 200,00 KG 200,00 EUR
from 200,00 KG - No Shipping -

Bulky goods

Bulky goods

Calculation Total price
from 40,00 to 50,00 KG 44,90 EUR
from 50,00 KG - No Shipping -