Used Deck Oven

Our offers for commercial deck ovens from different manufacturers - deck ovens from Miwe, W&P Werner & Pfleiderer, Häussler, Wachtel, Heuft, Wiesheu, Daub and Friedrich - at BackTim bakery machines:

Deck ovens are the classic, artisanal ovens for making bread.

Used deck ovens

consist of several baking chambers one above the other that can be closed with doors.

We offer used professional deck ovens that are very reliable and require little maintenance. They can also easily meet the needs of professional users. Most of the used deck ovens that we offer can usually be ordered and delivered immediately.

When you have found the right deck oven, simply contact us. If you're not sure which deck oven you need, let us know. We have been selling used deck ovens for many years. If you have any questions, please contact us.

MIWE AE 8.0604 storey oven / bakery oven

MIWE AE 8.0604 storey oven / bakery oven

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