Pastry mold roller Kalmeijer KGM 250mm 1270.900 C

Product.Nr.: BT0121102101-11

Manufacturer: Kalmeijer

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product description

Kalmeijer KGM pastry forming roller standard rollers 250mm NEW
Manufacturer : Kalmeijer
Type : KGM 250
Width 47mm Thickness 9mm
Order number : 1270.900 C
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Heating of the figure roller, do not sprinkle flour and thus better baking
Change the figure roller without tools within a minute
Baking tray transport can be folded down, takes up little space
Removable dough feed roller, so easy to clean
Adjustable thickness of the dough figures (for the right weight)
Automatic "stop and start" (machine will stop when no more sheets or trays are fed)
Compact machine on wheels
Machine meets all CE and HACCP standards
Here below you can find the brochure of the Kalmeijer biscuit molding machine